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Glossa: a journal of general linguistics (Glossa) is a Diamond open access journal dedicated to general linguistics. It publishes contributions from all areas of linguistics, providing they contain theoretical implications that shed light on the nature of language and the language faculty. Long-term funding is provided by the Open Library of Humanities (OLH).

Glossa is published online as a continuous volume and issue throughout the year. Articles are made available as soon as they are ready to ensure no unnecessary delays in getting content publically available.

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Proper representation of the varied languages that linguistics journals report on provides a constant challenge to publishers. Every mark on the page has a meaning and function, and typefaces, fonts, tables, technical representations, and mathematical formulas require exact precision. Successfully merging these complex requirements with the appropriate technology is an ongoing burden.


In 2016, Glossa started working indirectly with Siliconchips via Ubiquity Press. When OLH took on the publishing responsibilities itself, a direct partnership was formed with Glossa leveraging Siliconchips’ copyediting and typesetting services through the Janeway System platform.

The trust built through this long-term collaboration gave Glossa confidence in Siliconchips diligence and professionalism. So much so that it also uses Siliconchips Services for its sister journal, Glossa Psycholinguistics.

Outcomes achieved

Siliconchips Services supports Glossa in publishing high quality articles to its exacting requirements on time and within budget through an established partnership based on communication and technical proficiency, Challenges or requests are quickly

attended to and accommodated to ensure the publishing process remains effective, fast, and productive.

Thanks to Siliconchips’ specialist technical editors, workflows are efficient and operations seamless. Their deep understanding of what Glossa publishes and what it wants and needs means no prompting is required by its editors or publisher, reducing workload.

With a mutual dedication to open access, Siliconchips Services and Glossa share an aligned vision and values. Putting in the effort to build a long-term relationship creates a solid foundation for collaborative success now and into the future.


“I recommend Siliconchips to every editor and publisher I work with. They aren’t inexpensive, but they provide top-level quality. They never compromise on their standards and do whatever’s required to do the job without question. That’s an extremely pleasant way of working.”

Johan Rooryck Editor-in-Chief, Glossa: a journal of general linguistics
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