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Expanding From Print to Pixels: Whittles Publishing's Journey into Ebooks with Siliconchips.



Whittles Publishing is a well-established publishing company based in the beautiful far north of Scotland. They are internationally renowned for producing high-quality academic and professional titles, as well as a wide range of excellent non-fiction titles.

Whittles Publishing has partnered with Siliconchips since 2015, accessing their ebook, typesetting, InDesign and XML services.

Fast Facts

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Traditionally a print publisher, Whittles Publishing wanted to expand into the Ebook market in 2015. They began a search for an experienced typesetting and Ebook publishing partner who could provide advice and guidance along the way. As a company that keeps its customers and authors at the heart of everything it does, it was important for Whittles to find a vendor that aligned with its values.


In 2015, Whittles engaged Siliconchips’ Ebook, typesetting, InDesign and XML services. Efficiency and knowledge of the workflows required were key requirements for Whittles. Knowing Siliconchips met these criteria gave Whittles confidence they could complete their projects on time and within budget.

Outcomes achieved

Siliconchips Services supports Whittles in publishing high-quality academic and professional titles. The complex and technical nature of many of the titles provides regular challenges that are always overcome in a professional and collaborative way, ensuring the publishing process stays on track. The long-term nature of the relationship contributes to a pleasurable working environment and sustained confidence that Whittles can meet its publishing goals.


“Having met Shahid initially, it was apparent Siliconchips would be a professional and easy company to work with, and that has proved to be our experience. The team is flexible, accommodating, and nothing is too much trouble. We value the long-term relationship we’ve formed.”

Keith Whittles CEO and Director, Whittles Publishing
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