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HarperCollins is the second-largest consumer book publisher in the world and has a storied history stretching back over 200 years. It publishes around 1,500 books a year for readers of all ages and interests.

Collins Learning is their education division and is a pioneer in reference publishing. They develop market-leading dictionaries, atlases and puzzle books, as well as captivating non-fiction titles for adults and children. Their state-of-the-art online learning platforms supplement award-winning books for primary and secondary school students.

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As a busy publisher, Collins Learning faces the challenge of consistently producing a high volume of books annually, many of which are extremely complex and technical in nature. This puts a strain on internal resources, leading to bottlenecks in their workflow.

Since 2017, Collins Learning has teamed up with Siliconchips Services to access typesetting and other relevant solutions that enable them to ensure the timely delivery of their publications while staying within budget.


After seeking out high-quality and reliable suppliers, Collins Learning identified Siliconchips as the ideal partner due to their pertinent and extensive experience in educational typesetting and a proven track record of delivering high-level titles.

This background also gave Collins Learning confidence that Siliconchips could handle multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining meticulous technical formatting, particularly for the Maths and Science ranges.

Outcomes achieved

Through a partnership based on collaboration, Collins Learning has significantly improved efficiency and effectiveness in its work. Siliconchips’ genuine interest in the people they work with and the projects at hand has fostered strong and harmonious relationships, allowing them to overcome any challenges that arise.

By leveraging Siliconchips’ flexibility—support that can be dialled up or down as required, Collins Learning has reduced pressure on internal resources and accelerated the resolution of bottlenecks.

Collins Learning is now empowered to make informed decisions around time frames and budgets while never compromising on quality. With Siliconchips as a professional and trustworthy publishing partner, Collins Learning confidently meets its publishing standards on schedule and to budget.


“Siliconchips have enabled us to deliver high volumes of projects at exceptional quality. They always offer competitive prices and go above and beyond to maintain high standards and meet deadlines.”

Craig Balfour Head of Creative Services – Reference, HarperCollins UK
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